In accordance with the Bulgarian legislation, foreign citizens and companies have the right to make investments in real properties in Bulgaria in their capacity both as physical persons and legal entities.

If the property you want to buy is land or house with land, it is necessary to register a Bulgarian limited liability company. Then your own company will have the right to acquire property over the land. To register a limited liability company in Bulgaria is...
Residency in Bulgaria for European and Non-European Citizens

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union. All foreign citizens (EU and non-EU) staying in Bulgaria for longer than 90 days must apply for a residency permit at the National Migration Directorate (Дирекция Миграция) in Sofia or at the immigration department at their local Police Station. The National Migration Directorate and its local immigration departments in the local Police offices is the ...
Addresses of embassies

РОССИЯ, г. Москва - Посольство Республики Болгарии
ул. \"Мосфильмовская\" 66
Тел: +7 095 143-90-22 ; 143-90-23; 143 66 90
143-63- 78; 143 6023; 143 64 86; 143 62 14;
143 60 45 (consul); 143 67 00
Факс: +7 095 143-62-78; 232-33-02
e-mail: bulemrus@cityline.ru

Визовый центр:

г.Москва, Нахимовский проспект, д.56
Тел: (495) 661-36-63

РОССИЯ, г. Санкт Петербург - генералное консульство РБолг...
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