Mansion near Plovdiv
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Act 16
Mansion, 7 km from Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria. It covers an area 65,500 square meters. On 5500 square meters have built two massive buildings.

The main building is a massive house with a gross floor area of 300 square meters It was built in 1998 and includes:
* Spacious living room and dining room with fireplace
* Two bedrooms
* Three guest rooms
* Two bathrooms
* Separate toilet
* Porch
* Two balconies

The residential building was built as a monolithic solid construction, has pumped water-heating boiler room for its own electricity and heating oil.

Near the main building is built in 2005 one-story house with an area of 110 square meters, designed to support staff. Has:
* Dining room and living room with fireplace
* Two bedrooms
* Two bathrooms
* Water-pump heating, own solid fuel heating

The objects are in excellent condition, luxury since 2006. There is:
* Two garages with area 64 square meters
* 7m/12m swimming pool, or 130 cubic meters with filtration system
* Tennis court with a hard surface
* Pavilion with kitchen and barbeque
* Children\'s playground
* Four massive industrial buildings with an area of 400 square meters for storage of fruits
* Solid fence with a height of 220 cm
* 7500 m2 undeveloped area of construction law
* 52,500 m2 agricultural land with fruit trees, apple trees, low standard of 6 and 7 years with a drip irrigation system


In 1964 in one of the arrays was discovered mineral water. There are 740 meters depth drilling, currently not used and pad.

Property Price: € 1,000,000
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