Sand Lilies
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Sand beaches and green areas
Sand Lilies is itself on the beach to camping Smokinya. This is the biggest beach in Sozopol and the highway - Kavatsi Beach - 99727 sq m and dunes 96100 sq.m.
The uniqueness of the most beautiful beach in the southern Black Sea coast is the combination of soft sand, wide and long strip solar dunes, tender breeze and coolness of the greenery that surrounds the site. The hiden location bears the delight of one long summer for all - adults and children. In the vicinity are located:

National Park Ropotamo and the Lilies
- Reserve Snake island - the only place in Bulgaria with wild cactuses
- Reserve the water lilies - known by its greater water lilies growing in the forests of Ropotamo river
- Fiords on peninsulas Kolokita, Alepu and Liman

About the name
The complex bears the name of its reserve neighbouring Sand liliy. Reserve is characterized by the highest in Bulgaria habitat of sand lilies. This is a plant with fine and strong smell. Is a matter of interest and admiration among tourists and lovers of nature. Local people called him sandy cream or sand fairy. Because of its rare beauty, some call it
The Sand Queen or just the flower of the dunes. Sand lily blossoms in July and August - its snow white colors are rare and cause reasonable admiration.

- Pool at several levels, which creates illusion that merges with the sea
- Open bar
- Recreational facilities
- Restaurant
- Children\'s playgrounds and paths to walk
- Park with exotic plant species
- Parking and garages underground

At the complex is provided year-round security, service personnel to support housing complex, and year-round workers serving units - commercial sites and mass caterers. The combination of the unique natural environment and a luxury residential complex in Sand Lilies turns the complex in a preferred place for your holiday.

The construction of the building is solid, reinforced concrete skeleton, with brick walls protected by insulating layer and mineral plaster, which pass of aggressive weather conditions throughout the year. The joinery is five chamber with colored PVC profile Roto, providing protection from high and low temperatures. There are hydraulic lifts, noiseless for maximum comfort of inhabitants. The bansiters are azhurni terraces are made of stainless steel sections and stainless network to ensure smooth view to the sea.

Standard of finish
The apartments are delivered in absolute finished way, furnished with everything necessary for the family - furniture of solid wood and rattan, floor coverings in all rooms, kitchen appliances: refrigerator, stove, absorber, coffee machine and others. Interior doors are made of MDF, in apartments is provided complete wireing: telephone, Internet, television.
The bathrooms and sanitary facilities are coated with terracotta and faience, fitted with the latest models Spanish sanitary ware and fittings, shower cubicles and more.
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