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Bulgaria - Pomorie
The complex „Penelope Palace” offers to the future owners a unique combination of luxury, comfort and coziness in close proximity to the sunny beach of Pomorie. Fully developed infrastructure, next to...
Bulgaria - Pomorie
We offer apartments for sale in a residential building. The property is located in Pomorie town - beach and SPA resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Pomorie lies 18km North of Bourgas city and ...
Bulgaria - Pamporovo
Мountain Lodge is an elegant and contemporary residential complex, situated in the heart of Pamporovo ski resort, next to the Perelik hotel. The good position of the complex gives an excellent view of...
Bulgaria - Pomorie
Местоположение: Комплекс “Blue Bay Palace“ находится в тихом уголке в г. Поморие. Город расположен на полуострове и в 20 км. от Бургаса - второго по величине города болгарского Причерномория. Оба корп...
Bulgaria - Pomorie
Apart hotel Marina Holiday Club is a new and luxury four star complex. It is located in the town of Pomorie, 200 meters from the beach in region where there is a beautiful combination of forest and ...
Bulgaria - Pomorie
“Lazur 2” Complex is a modern monolithic construction in accordance with the latest architectural standards, which is being built with high quality materials to meet all European requirements. All ap...
Bulgaria - Sunny Beach
Комплекс „ Антония” Местоположение Комплекс Антония расположен на берегу залива который простирается от мыса Эмине до песчаных дюн, среди которых расположен известный во всем мире черноморский к...
Bulgaria - Sunny Beach
CASCADAS 2 Cascadas apartments located in the heart of Sunny Beach. Only on few minutes from the Central resort, Aqua Park and beach. The Complex will have 149 apartments, a large swimming ...
Bulgaria - Sunny Beach
Холидей клуб “Gardenia hills“ находится в подошвах восточных отрогов горы Стара - Планина вблизи берегов Черного моря. Эта местность отличается прекрасными зелеными склонами, чудесной морской панорамо...
Bulgaria - Sunny Beach
More about Sweet Homes, Sunny Beach Sweet Homes Complex is in the central part of Sunny Beach in a quiet and cozy area. Extremely suitable for a year-round use thanks to its proximity to a number o...
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